Welcome to YouMeO by BearingPoint

Welcome to YouMeO by BearingPoint where collective intelligence and design drive innovation and change

Who are we?

Who are we?

We are YouMeO by BearingPoint, a group of explorers and we embark with our clients on a rich and unforgettable adventure to create together a real and lasting impact on your clients and yourselves (your organization, people and professional practices). We bring real value to people’s lives by inventing new ways of imagining, designing and co-creating a better future for this and upcoming generations.
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Our Approach

Our Missions

Shape sustainable & resilient strategy

We identify new opportunities through co-design, strategic foresight and design fiction​ to envision your future, give meaning to your vision and activate your transformation​

  • Logo of MICHELIN


    Design and use plausible climate scenarios to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon business and operating model #STRATEGIC FORESIGHT



    Co-construct a new corporate purpose and a company-wide transformation manifesto by involving all internal stakeholders #CORPORATE PURPOSE

  • Logo of SODEXO


    Co-create a strategic positioning and plan for the internal start-up Wx to accelerate its development around 'New Ways of Working' #WORKPLACE TRANSFORMATION

  • Logo of ALPTIS


    Imagine the future of insurance and help to identify new areas of growth and development based on a multi-level exploratory approach #DESIGN FICTION

  • Logo of AFKLM


    Design and facilitate a strategic wargame to build a robust strategy against new low-cost entrants in the long-haul segment #WARGAMING



    Co-construct the company's 2023 strategic plan through a global, participatory and client-centric approach based on collective intelligence #STRATEGIC PLAN


We explore aspirations and drivers through social sciences investigations and design methods​ to create new value propositions for your clients and employees

  • Logo of SACEM


    Conceive new relevant services thanks to our innovation by design approach involving customers and business partners #SERVICE DESIGN

  • Logo of BPCE


    Rethink and co-construct the future highly ergonomic information and cocumentation platform centered around user needs #UX/UI DESIGN

  • Logo of SYNTEC


    Design and implement a digital escape game to promote starting a career in consulting to business school graduates #GAMIFICATION

  • Logo of SNCF


    Redesign the point of sales of the French Railway Operator SNCF through a participatory human-centred design approach #SPACE DESIGN

  • Logo of THALES


    User labs to facilitate the adoption of a new biometric payment technology and design an efficient and fluid onboarding process #USER JOURNEY MAPPING



    A study on the information, education and entertainment needs of pre-schoolers and their consumption habits of the content available to them #USER RESEARCH


We foster agile and empowering management practices and cultivate new ways of working​ through collective intelligence to design next-gen organizations

  • Logo of CHANEL


    Designing and leading a process of mobilization and change management around the deployment of a new digital tool #CHANGE BY DESIGN

  • Logo of BLABLACAR


    Co-designing the future remote work charter by proposing a "turnkey" tool to facilitate leadership conversations across teams #NEW WAYS OF WORKING



    Développer une culture client en représentant visuellement l'impact de chaque équipe sur le client #TEAM VALUE MAP

  • Logo of DANONE


    Design an intrapreneurship program adapted to R&D teams that removes the obstacles to innovation #IMPACT INNOVATION



    Improve the employee experience so that it has a positive impact on customer relationships and business performance #EXPERIENCE DESIGN



    Work with the 'Lab des Territoires' in scaling up and implementing its innovative digital services lab #ORGANIZING INNOVATION

Client Testimonials

  • Témoignage Vincent Guilly - Essilor

  • Témoignage Laurent Pagnon - TECHNIPFMC

  • Témoignage Grégoire Marlot - SNCF

  • Témoignage Philippe Robert - ENGIE

  • Témoignage Sabine Gourmain - Danone

  • Témoignage Sandra Coulibaly - Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Our Team

As part of BearingPoint, We are YouMeO : a tribe of entrepreneurs, designers and creative strategistswho dare to dream big and think outside the business-as-usual box. We engage our clients in rewarding and memorable moments of strategic transformation.

Join Us!
  • Martin Mayer

    Martin Mayer


    Austrian, family man and creative, Martin brings a broad strategic vision to the team and our clients. His dynamism and openness are driving our projects to success.

  • Aurélie  Besch

    Aurélie Besch

    Head of innovation and design

    Always ready for new adventures, Aurélie loves discoveries, whether they are on the other side of the world or simply hidden in the small pleasures of everyday life. She shares her energy and optimism with your teams to imagine together the best for tomorrow.

  • Kim Frecon

    Kim Frecon


    Between roller derby and yoga in personal life, management and design in professional life, Kim likes to vary her skills to create differently, but always at the service of people.

  • Philippe Lasserre

    Philippe Lasserre

    Innovation accelerator

    Amateur of musical improvisation and passionate about innovation, Philippe is dynamic, thoughtful and curious about any new source of inspiration.

  • Marie Juin

    Marie Juin

    Innovation accelerator

    Passionate about improv theater and art history, Marie puts her energy, her enthusiasm and her creativity at the service of her clients.

  • Agathe Desbrières

    Agathe Desbrières

    Designer strategist

    Passionate about creative work such as sewing and ceramics, Agathe likes to get her hands dirty to discover new things and use her skills in design and innovation management in different fields.

  • Bryan Raphaël Silmar

    Bryan Raphaël Silmar

    Designer strategist

    Bryan is keen to cross points of view and areas of expertise in order to enrich his design expertise and his consulting practice. By placing the user at the center of the reflection, B. wants to set up projects that are always more accurate and relevant in the eyes of the final client.

  • Pauline Ndoko

    Pauline Ndoko

    Innovation accelerator

    With curiosity and convictions, Pauline uses a change-oriented spirit and a continuous learning way of life to listen, understand and support others while discovering the infinite variety of activities, methods, and experiences.

  • Pierre Littaye

    Pierre Littaye


    An aficionado of fashion and beautiful objects, Pierre is keen to put himself in the shoes of the end consumer, in order to bring that perspective to his projects. He prides himself on translating complex concepts into a simple and beautiful user experience.

  • Cécile Berthet

    Cécile Berthet

    Innovation accelerator

    Curious and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, Cécile enjoys rethinking business strategies and user experiences to imagine sustainable futures and accelerate progress for all.

  • Frederic Gössele

    Frederic Gössele

    Innovation accelerator

    Media engineer by training and designer by conviction, Frederic helps our clients to unleash their innovation potential via a design led approach creating new products, services and strategies. The fact that he’s german "only" has an impact on the missing accents in his typically french first name.

  • Stéphane  Marcovitch Bruneau

    Stéphane Marcovitch Bruneau

    Innovation accelerator

    At the crossroads of consulting and entrepreneurship, Stéphane is passionate about foresight. He likes to understand and anticipate future disruptions, and to adapt your innovation strategies to a complex and uncertain world

  • Sophie Colombani

    Sophie Colombani

    Innovation accelerator

    Active and curious, Sophie is involved in digital transformation projects. She likes to put herself in the shoes of the end-user to increase the mobilisation of actors through innovative and dynamic approaches

  • Léa Sire

    Léa Sire

    Innovation Accelerator

  • Marguerite  Arbey

    Marguerite Arbey

    Innovation Accelerator

  • Aude  Omerin

    Aude Omerin

    Innovation Accelerator

  • Agathe  Fournier-Foch

    Agathe Fournier-Foch

    Innovation Accelerator

  • Fanny  Segond

    Fanny Segond

    Innovation Accelerator

  • Clotilde  Vatinet

    Clotilde Vatinet

    Innovation Accelerator

Our Manifesto

dont play

Innovation is fancy. Everyone wants to do nice brainstormings and have wild ideas. We see companies playing the innovation theater all the time.
It’s all over social media.

Everyone seems smarter than the others. But we know from experience that innovation is hard, it’s unsettling, messy, complex and more often than not it’s not conclusive.
It’s a numbers’ game. The more you try, the more likely you are to succeed.

We push through the hard times, we reflect on it together with our clients and we find ways to keep teams making progress against the odds.

And at times we decide to let go and help the teams involved mourn over their perceived failure, rebound and come out
of the experience even stronger.

dont be

User-centricity won’t save the world. We recognize that to solve the world’s toughest challenges, we cannot rely
on satisfying the end-users alone.

There are other stakes and stakeholders to be considered.
We strive to create multi-win opportunities based on a profound understanding of the interconnections between different problems and stakeholders.

We help innovators to understand these interactions in a systemic view and how to generate beneficial solutions for many or all related stakeholders, not only the company
and their customers.

focus on

Methodology frameworks are helpful, no question. They are necessary to speak a common language with our clients,
and to reassure. But methodologies don’t create impact. Results do.

Therefore, we are quick in tweaking methods to the purpose
at hand, blending tools and techniques as we see fit.
We design purposeful interventions. Therefore, we spend
a lot of time to better understand and define the expected outcomes, develop success criteria for our interventions
and aim for measurable results.

Then, once we get started, we do everything that’s in
our power to achieve those goals and hit our targets.

get seduced

The creative sparks are the easy part of innovation. We get seduced by wild ideas and most of us love to diverge into unknown territories and discover new opportunities. Not all of those ideas are winners.

90% of them are not. But for the ones that resonate the most, the ones we truly believe in, the ones we fall for, a serious journey to fulfillment starts.

To us, innovation is “bringing something new to life”. This means that we move beyond the easy part, we push through the honeymoon phase. We are ready to run the marathon of realization, to endure the pain that comes with it to be able to reap the rewards of all the hard work. For the ideas that win our hearts, we go through hell and back.

dont pratice

The challenge is in the process, not in the co-creation workshops. Innovation initiatives always generate a high level of energy just before and during the actual collaboration events, but innovation does not happen overnight.

Therefore, the key is to create the conditions for continued collaboration beyond single events. We know how to deal with the risk of a slow-down in team dynamics and we design our approaches around a series of shorter workshops, instead of one single event.
Only if workshops are clearly defined as steps in an overarching process, the intended transformations can take form and develop over time.

dont facilitate

The challenge is in the process, not in the co-creation workshops. Innovation initiatives always generate a high level of energy just before and during the actual collaboration events, but innovation does not happen overnight.

Therefore, the key is to create the conditions for continued collaboration beyond single events. We know how to deal with the risk of a slow-down in team dynamics and we design our approaches around a series of shorter workshops, instead of one single event.
Only if workshops are clearly defined as steps in an overarching process, the intended transformations can take form and develop over time.

dont look

Short cycles of work, a taste for experimentation, and the desire and ability to quickly provide practical solutions are more important than ever in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. We design our interventions around these principles. And we love Post Mortems!

it is not about

We believe in our responsibilities for the upcoming generations. We recognize that we don’t do enough collectively and individually to live up to this responsibility. But we try to become a little bit better every day. We also know that it’s better to do it together than alone, easier to motivate ourselves and more difficult to hide out.

Therefore, we always ask the question: will this (innovation) make the world a better place ? There is no easy answer to this, but the simple act of asking the question and reflecting upon it is a tiny step into the right direction.

dont play
dont be
focus on
get seduced
dont pratice
dont facilitate
dont look
it is not about